fund prices

Fund Prices

The latest life, CTF and With Profits Fund prices are listed below.

Life Funds and the With Profits Sub Fund are priced at close of business on Wednesday each week. Child Trust Funds are priced daily.

Please note the figures shown are the most up to date prices for the funds.

For historic price information simply click through on the fund name.

Life Funds
price data at most recent available valuation date
Bid PriceOffer Price
Engage Diversified Growth Fund SEDOL No B27Z250, Fund No 671.16551.1655
Engage Diversified Protector Fund SEDOL No B27Z1B9, Fund No 660.84020.8402
Far Eastern Exempt Fund SEDOL No 43472, Fund No 165.13025.4002
FTSE4Good Exempt Fund SEDOL No 27651, Fund No 392.48192.4819
FTSE4Good Fund SEDOL No 45238, Fund No 402.14612.1461
Great British Companies Exempt Fund SEDOL No 43473, Fund No 177.45657.8490
Great British Growth Fund 1 SEDOL No 43504, Fund No 323.00693.1652
Great British Growth Fund 2 SEDOL No 43505, Fund No 333.16483.1648
Green Chip (2) Exempt Fund SEDOL No 43489, Fund No 94.70624.9539
Green Chip (2) Fund SEDOL No 43492, Fund No 124.12864.3459
Green Chip Fund SEDOL No 43486, Fund No 63.91004.1158
Green Chip Growth Fund SEDOL No 43506, Fund No 310.00000.0000
Managed Fund 1 SEDOL No 43481, Fund No 15.79786.1030
Managed Fund 3 SEDOL No 43483, Fund No 35.44745.7341
Master Fund SEDOL No 43491, Fund No 114.72414.9728
Master Fund Exempt SEDOL No 43488, Fund No 85.27575.5534
MIM Rupert Exempt Fund SEDOL No 43490, Fund No 107.83358.2458
New Life Building Society Fund SEDOL No n/a , Fund No 243.39133.5698
New Life Commercial Union Fund SEDOL No n/a , Fund No 273.84734.0498
New Life GT Tax Free Fund SEDOL No n/a , Fund No 254.72094.9694
New Life GT Taxable Fund SEDOL No n/a , Fund No 266.38626.7224
New Life Property Fund SEDOL No n/a , Fund No 281.26301.3294
Retirement Fund SEDOL No 43532, Fund No 153.69613.8906
Solid Growth Fund SEDOL No 43493, Fund No 181.89521.9950
Tax Exempt Green Chip Fund SEDOL No 43487, Fund No 74.72694.9757
Tax Exempt Managed Fund 1 SEDOL No 43484, Fund No 48.83169.2964
Tax Exempt Managed Fund 3 SEDOL No 43485, Fund No 58.30378.7408
The Deposit Fund SEDOL No 27655, Fund No 351.66591.6659
UK Equity Index Exempt Fund SEDOL No 27827, Fund No 372.82822.8282
UK Equity Index Fund SEDOL No 27652, Fund No 382.71092.7109
UK Managed Fund SEDOL No 43533, Fund No 145.93396.2462

Prices explained

offer price:
the price you pay for units.
bid price:
the price your units are valued at when you cash them in. Please note: when you cash in, the amount you receive will be based on the bid price on the next valuation date.

CTF Unit Prices
price data at most recent available valuation date
 Unit Price
Child Trust Fund
OneFamily Stockmarket 100 Trust - IA Class SEDOL No B737CQ6

Prices explained

unit price:
The price at which units are bought and sold.
xd (ex dividend):
means that the buyer of a unit is not entitled to the next dividend payment.

With Profits Sub Fund
price data at most recent available valuation date
  Pure Price Average Price
Protected Investment Bond & Protected Loyalty Bond
1.2485 1.2171

Prices explained

pure price:
the price used to value the bond in the first 26 weeks of the policy.
averaged price:
the price used to value the bond after the first 26 weeks of the policy. The averaged price at any given time is the average of the pure price over the previous 26 weeks

Your investment

The value of investments linked to these funds can fall as well as rise and you could get back less than you have paid in.

The Sterling value of any overseas assets in these funds may also rise and fall as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.

The information we provide should help you to make an informed decision as OneFamily doesn't provide advice. If you're not sure whether our product is suitable, it's worth speaking to an independent financial advisor (IFA).

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