Fund Prices

With Profits Sub Fund (invested in the Insight Investment Global Absolute Return Fund)

SEDOL Number n/a Fund Number 65

price data at most recent available valuation date 15/09/2021
Pure Price1.2459
Averaged Price1.2214
Change on last valuation -0.04% ▼

Please note the figures shown are the most up to date prices for this fund. engage mutual works on a forward pricing basis which means that when cashing in a bond the price on the next relevant valuation date is used.

The pure price is used for the first 26 weeks following the start date of a bond.  After that the ‘averaged price’ will be used to value the bond. The ‘averaged price’ is the average of the "pure price" over the previous 26 weeks.

See Key Features/Policy Conditions for further information.

Whilst the value of a bond is determined by the number of units and the current unit price, please note that the number of units may be reduced as a result of exit penalties which may apply before the 5th anniversary.

Historic price data

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For this fund the information we hold online goes back to 15/11/2006. For any other information on this fund please call us on 0800 169 4321.

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Prices explained

pure price:
the price used to value the bond in the first 26 weeks of the policy.
averaged price:
the price used to value the bond after the first 26 weeks of the policy. The averaged price at any given time is the average of the pure price over the previous 26 weeks

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